Dana Point Short Term Rentals

Dana Point Short Term Rentals Council Vote 6-Sep-2016

Don’t sign a contract until you fully understand it. Don’t cast a vote on the most important, far reaching city issue based upon an educated guess.

Seems obvious doesn’t it? Tuesday’s vote on the Short Term Rental ordinance says otherwise. The 3-2 split was caused almost entirely by the ambiguity of 11 words in the ordinance itself:

"Any change(s) that limit, modify or prohibit short term rentals in the coastal zone, AS DETERMINED BY THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE COASTAL COMMISSION, SHALL be submitted to the Coastal Commission for certification as a Local Coastal Plan Amendment."

There was a way to obtain certainty of meaning BEFORE voting. Postpone the vote until the next council meeting and contact the Coastal Commission. Ask one question: "Do you intend this language to extend the Executive Director’s authority to city property outside the currently configured Coastal Zone or not?"

Whatever the response, reword the sentence to clearly state the position. Then vote.

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