We the $$$$

More than any other elecdoes-government-represent-peopletion, local elections impact your day to day life.  Local elections hit you where you live.

Here’s the bad news — local elections are much CHEAPER to influence.

Super PACS are now having a BIG impact on local government. $710 is the individual donation limit in Dana Point.  But with a Super PAC, there is NO LIMIT.  Donors will skirt the $710 limit and dump as much cash as they please into electing whoever THEY choose.

The PAC picks a noble sounding, made up name that everyone feels good about, like “Taxpayers for a Better Democracy” (I just made that up) and splashes their endorsement all over the place.  You have no idea who its members are or what agenda it is pushing.  But, hey,  who isn’t for a Better Democracy?  And aren’t you a Taxpayer?  This must be a good candidate!

What can PAC money do?  Plenty.  It elects candidates who will do the donors’ bidding, of course! That is what the “special” interests pay for.  And it’s $$$ you CAN’T TRACE.

A Princeton University study looking at 20 years of data concluded “[T]he preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact on public policy.”

UNLESS you have enough $$$.  Then things change dramatically. The government is much more likely to implement policies pushed by big donors.  Big donors can completely block legislation.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tu32CCA_Ig

Doesn’t this confirm how you feel about Dana Point government over the last 10 or so years?  If you have felt ignored, disregarded, brushed aside, or snubbed by our city, NOVEMBER 8th IS YOUR CHANCE TO FIGHT BACK.  Ignore the slick, professional mailers, disregard the political endorsements, brush aside the “suggested” voter guide and snub the special interests.

Get to know what your candidates stand for.  Take the time to hold or go to a Meet and Greet and talk to him or her.  Assure yourself that this person will represent YOU, not special interests.  Donate to your candidate so support is LOCAL.

THEN vote.


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